Laurence GRFP

Hello and Welcome to Get Ready For PARIS!


My name is Laurence, I am a Parisian at heart, an urban girl passionate about city travel.

I am lucky to live in the most visited city in the World where I run into tourists from all over the world all year round.


I love Paris and I can’t get enough of walking its beautiful streets. I enjoy travel, especially discovering the life and culture of other cities so I know how overwhelming and time-consuming planning the perfect vacation can be. Often the best things about a city can not be found in guidebooks.


There is so much happening in the City of Lights and I can’t wait to share my love for the city with you. And whether you plan to visit soon or just dream about it, check my blog about Paris and the Parisian life, where I share some of my tips, discuss new finds, events and anything Paris related that has caught my eye.

Want to visit Paris? Get ready.


 You can send me an email at getreadyforparis@gmail.com.